Monday, July 9, 2007

Doug Joins the 3A's for a "Wild" Time

The 3 A's were lucky indeed to have the company of my brother Doug (who rivals the size of a silverback gorilla as shown below) at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Thanks to the generosity of Jane Baker (She donated her guest passes to our cause) we got in and on the tram for almost nothin'. We were looking forward to the big monorail ride and were disappointed to find it had been replaced with a crummy bus/tram kinda thing that uses gas or diesel and is really noisy and only shows you about 1/2 of the area that the monorail covered. Being lower, it also gives you a bird's eye view of feeding huts, block walls and chain link fences. They also seem to have dismanteled my favorite part--the "Where's Waldo" with mountain goats. Anyway, they have added cool new lion viewing areas and a balloon ride that soars 400 feet above the park . Only Sami and Doug were courageous enough for that. Danae and I sat in the shade and admired their bravery from the ground. We spent a long morning and afternoon there checking out the bird show, the open area enclosures, and enjoying the jungle ambience of the place.

Danae and Sami Fed nectar to lorikeets in an aviary filled with the colorful flutterers.
To find out more about the cool stuff at the SD Wild Animal Park click on this link

Balloon Ride!!

Lions (Sami got the best lion pics) and tram with cool view of the balloon

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Laura and the family said...

God has given you blessing to get into the park for free (Yeah, thanks to Jane !) I can't believe in my own eyes that Doug is nearly the same size as a Silver back Gorilla ! Sounds like you all had a blast time